Accessing Photos & Files in EBis 3.2

Use a shared network drive to access photos and images


EBis accesses files and photos that are stored in a folder on the server via a network share or mapped drive on each client machine.  Each computer should access these files in the same manner.  If you have improper access, or no access specified, to this folder, you will get an error in EBis and it will not list files or allow you to add new ones.


Please make your Windows user account has proper access to the server’s EBisShared folder.  This is accessed either as:

A network share:


Or the \\SERVER\EBisShared is linked as a mapped network drive (most likely letter P) on all machines that access EBis. 

If you are having access issues, and using mapped drives, try using the full network path (such as \\Server\EBisShared) instead of the mapped drives.  This is set in EBis here (this requires EBis v3565 or higher):

If problems persist, chances are your Windows user account on the client(s) do not have proper access to access this share over the network, or the network path is not correct.

If you are having network user access issues accessing the shared folders on a client machine, and you are using Windows 7/8, you can see the following document, and try sharing the EBis3 and EBisShared folder via the c:\Public\Users\Documents folder.

Please see the diagram below for a visual of the mapped drives EBis uses and how these are accessed.  Please remember that this image shows a mapped hard drive setup, but you can also just directly access the network shares via the \\SERVER\EBis3 and \\SERVER\EBisShared paths.

If you are using mapped network drives and do not want to use the full network path, and Windows Vista, 7, or 8, please also see the following fix for a Windows related bug: