Aircraft Discounts (Cheatsheet)

Here's how you can quickly setup an aircraft to charge a specific labor rate and/or parts discount


  • In the Aircraft itself, you can use the "Billing Override" sidebar to set specific rates for the aircraft.
  • If the billing discount options are something used among different aircraft/customers, you can set the Aircraft's > Main Info sidebar > "Billing Profile" to this profile.

Billing Profiles

  • Billing profiles are managed in Config > Billing Profiles.
  • These are a way to link different aircraft and/or customers to a set of billing rules - such as charging a specific labor rate, giving a parts discount, etc.

Important: How Changes Made Affect Open Work Orders

  • When making changes to the aircraft billing profile/billing override, changes will not take affect on open work orders, in order to protect changing work that has potentially been quoted.  Specific work orders can be edited in the Config & Billing sidebar > Billing tab.

Work Orders

  • The work order itself can always have different rates set.  This is set in the Config & Billing sidebar > Billing tab.
  • Please remember that the work order status must be an "Open" status to edit this information.
  • Showing Discounts on Invoices: the "Show discount information summary at bottom" in the Config > City > (select city) > Work Orders > Billing can be set to display this information to a customer.

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