Upgrading to EBIS 5 Pro

EBIS 5 Pro contains advanced features required for your repair station


If you are using the MRO version of EBIS 5 (and not for Enterprise GSE), there are two versions of EBIS: MRO Starter and MRO Professional.  The Starter version is meant for users to have everything they need to get going on the shop floor, whereas the Professional version is meant for larger/more advanced operations that are most likely a repair station. 

Feature Differences

The feature differences list is currently in development for this website.  For now, please reach out to us at sales@datcomedia.com if you need to upgrade.

How to Upgrade

Eventually you will be able to upgrade from within your EBIS 5 app itself, but this is currently in development.  For now, please contact sales@datcomedia.com.