Sending EBIS support a database backup and/or media files from EBis 3.2

If migrating to EBIS 5 from 3.2, or EBIS support has requested a backup, here are the steps to get a backup and send to our support team.

Sending a Backup

The following MUST be done from the server machine (and not a client machine):

  1. If a recent backup exists -- it is probably in a folder such as:
    1. C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10.EBIS\MSSQL\Backup
    2. C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\MSSQL\Backup
    3. C:\EBis Backups
    4. Please grab that file and skip to step 3.  Otherwise, from the server computer, log into EBis with an account that has Data Admin Access.
  2. If a recent backup does not exist –
    1. Start EBis 3.2 on the server machine and log in with an account that is an admin.  Go to the Admin Menu > Show Admin Menu > Data Admin Functions, and select “Backup Database”.  Save it to your c:\ drive – the root folder of your c drive (c:\) is preferred as this SQL backup does not like long file paths.
    2. Once it has been backed up, go to this directory and zip this backup file with Windows itself (right click on the file itself and select Send To > Compressed (Zip File) or another program such as WinZip
  3. Upload the file via a service such as Dropbox or Google Drive, and send us a link to download the file, either via the intake form link sent to you or via

Sending Media Files

The instructions above are for the EBis database.  This does not include any media files:  
  1. If you attach photos or PDFs to work orders, parts, etc., you can also send us your "EBis Shared" folder.  
  2. This is normally on your server and is a public share - in it you will most likely have your company logo and an "EBis FIles" folder.  
  3. Please zip the "EBisShared" folder and upload to Dropbox/GoogleDrive, etc. and send us a link.  
  4. If the size is very large, you may want to use a different compression tool such as 7-Zip: