Work Order Item Signoffs

How to configure W/O item signoffs

Item Signoffs List

Manage the overall signoff list in Config > Lists > Item Signoffs (under Work Order section)

Signoff Configuration

Config > All City Options > Item Signoffs (under Work Orders section) can be used to configure your final signoff & RII, along with various options.


Grant signoff access via Config > User Profiles > (select a profile) > Access Levels and use the sub-headers search bar to search directly for signoff.

Advanced Permissions

Users can be given limited permissions to signoffs by going to Config > Users (under Admin section) > (select the individual user) > Advanced Limits, then choosing Item Signoff and adding the appropriate limitations.


Configuring RII Signoffs

To configure RII signoffs, first make sure there is a signoff specifically for RII. Updates can be made by going to Config > Lists > Item Signoffs (under Work Order section).

In the city specific options found via Config > Cities > (select a city) > Options > Item Signoffs (under Work Orders section), make sure to set the RII item signoff to this specific item.

In All City Options, search for RII to find additional signoff settings and set any options based on your specific company requirements.

In the User Profile(s) found via Config > User Profiles > (select a profile), enter RII in the sub-header search box and enable the Item: Signoff RII setting, as needed.

Note: Users must have an Admin Access level user profile in order to complete an RII.

Finally, in the individual work order itself, go to Items > Item Details and toggle on the Enable RII inspection field. Once set, the signoffs for this item will include the RII inspection.

Signing Off Items

Once in a W/O with item signoffs, select the signoff(s) and use the top right icons to add or remove the signoffs.

If the All Cities option to allow for date overrides is enabled, use the calendar icon  to specify the date.