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EBis 3.2 to EBIS 5 Migration

Here's how you can easily migrate your data from EBis 3.2 to EBIS 5's cloud


  • You must be using at least SQL Server 2008 on your server to host EBis 3.2's database

  • You can install the EBIS 5 migration utility from any machine: we highly recommend a faster/newer Windows PC with a strong network connection (preferably wired, but good WIFI is fine).  Please also make sure this computer has a valid connection to the "EBisShared" folder, as we need to upload these to the cloud also.
  • You should be logged in as somebody with Windows Administrator access
  • You must be an EBIS 5 admin user with a user profile: don't worry, we'll create a migration account for you if you did not receive one with your EBIS 5 location info
  • Please read the "Important: We Currently Do NOT Migrate..." section directly below.

Important: We Currently Do NOT Migrate...

Please note that we currently do not migrate the following information to EBIS 5 because these features are not completed in EBIS 5.  If you rely on any of these features, we recommend you do not upgrade and contact support@datcomedia.com if needed.

  • Helicopter Readings: May 2022
  • Multi-Currencies: ETA Q3 (note that we have separate currencies now in 5.0, but no currency conversions)
  • Compliance Module: ETA Late Q3 2022
  • Aircraft: AD/Appliance: ETA Late Q3 2022 (as part of the new Compliance module)
  • QuickBooks Integration: ETA Late Q3 2022
  • Line Services/Fuel: no ETA

Installing & Starting the Migration Application

We've created a special Windows application, specifically to migrate your data over to EBIS 5.  If your account has qualified to be migrated to EBIS 5, we will send you an email with:

  • A download link for the Windows based migration application (don't worry, once you are on EBIS 5, you can never touch a Windows PC again if you want!)
  • Your specific website to access EBIS, such as https://marvel.ebis5.com, along with any basic login information.  Your user accounts will copy over, but you will need a base user account for EBIS 5 for migration purposes.

Once you have downloaded the migration utility, your experience should go something like this:

  • Run the installer as a Windows Admin.  It may tell you we are an untrusted app (we are working on that!), press continue, and install the app to the default location (or pick a different spot).
  • Once it completes, it will start up, and try to find your current EBis 3.2 application in the most common places.  If it does not find it, find the EBis3.exe file using the Browse button.
  • Enter your EBIS 5 information (website and migration user & password) and press Connect.
  • If all is good, it will go to the next page.
  • Enter the starting point for your data (we recommend the past 2 years of work orders, OTC, P/Os.  All of your customers, vendors, part numbers, stock info will come over regardless of the date you enter.
  • Note that there are some advanced options to allow for a re-migration, and depending on your account, there may be some debugging options (we've tested migrations of hundreds of times, but sometimes the universe likes to makes things interesting: these tools will help us get you to the cloud).
  • When it looks good, press Transfer to EBIS 5.

If that was a lot to read, you can also watch this video.

The Migration Itself

  • Depending on how fast your PC is, along with your SQL Server and your internet connection, the migration will run for a while: we've seen most migrations take 20-60 minutes.
  • Don't panic if the first initial run look to freeze, we initially have to install some performance improvements for EBis 3.2 data queries, and add items to track each record to make sure items go over.  This is all for a seamless migration, so do not worry if it takes several minutes.
  • The migration will move over data that hasn't been migrated - if the process stops for some reason (like losing internet connection), you can restart the migration application and it will pick up where it left off.
    • Note that if you run a "Reset All" button, this will flag the EBis 3.2 records as not being imported.  EBIS 5 will still perform some validation during the import, so the records may not import.  Please contact support@datcomedia.com if you need to completely wipe your EBIS 5 database and rerun the migration.
  • Once done:
    • If all looks good, you can exit app and log in to EBis 5.
    • iI the universe has decided to cause some havoc, you can submit the latest error logs directly to EBIS 5 (this goes to your "All City > Media", where EBIS support can take a look at it.   We do recommend running the migration a second time, as we will not run items that already exist in 5: this may resolve it.

Logging In

To log in to EBIS 5, we've brought in your usernames, but we have reset your passwords.  The default password is also the username.  So if your username in EBis 3.2 is Tony Stark and your password is IronMan123, you will log in to EBIS 5 using the username Tony Stark and the password Tony Stark.  

Once logged in, you will be forced to change your password to something more secure (this is important, we are in the cloud after all!).  

After changing your password, you will be created with a welcome screen, please go through the walkthroughs.

If you are an admin, you will need to set up user profiles for everyone, so make sure to check out this walkthrough.

Also visit on the online help section with your EBIS application, along with visiting our quickly growing support.ebiscloud.com site, and please reach out to us at support@datcomedia.com.

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